On-Site Coaching Services

Capital Dental Coaching helps you improve your practice and reach your professional goals one step at a time. With one-on-one coaching in your practice multiple times each month, anything can be resolved including ineffective marketing, staff management difficulties, lack of well-paying patients, collections difficulties, legal risks, low profit, overwork, burnout and more.

The Capital Dental Coaching program is local and customized to fit with YOU. Hence, why the Capital Dental Coaching program is so effective. See what your colleagues are saying about Capital Dental Coaching.

For each practice difficulty you encounter, Capital Dental Coaching helps you locate and plan a solution that is right for you. When you make steady progress with simple, direct steps, you make lasting changes.

Most practice owners want an increase in profits as one of their coaching goals. Capital Dental Coaching's coaches are experts in increasing cash flow and profit building.

How Capital Dental Coaching is Conducted

You meet with your coach at least twice each month. The end result of the meetings are written, step-by-step plans called mini-programs. To make a difference in your practice and to meet Capital Dental Coaching standards, each step of your mini-program must make sense, align with your goals and excite you.

You talk to your coach at least once each week to address emergency situations, discuss your progress and focus on correct priorities. During difficult periods, you meet or talk to your coach more often. You have unrestricted access to your coach.

You also work with an Capital Dental Coaching coach each week to build your performance skills.

Telephone Coaching Services

To facilitate our on-site coaching services, Capital Dental Coaching program's also include Telephone Coaching. Our Coaching is like a one-on-workshop through the telephone. As the practice owner, coaching is included with your program. Anyone can benefit from Coaching including your spouse, partner, associate, office manager and key employees.

While coaching focuses on production and the success of your practice, coaching focuses on your personal performance and abilities.

Coaching is delivered in weekly sessions by telephone. The coaching sessions take about 60 minutes.

For example, you reach the section on dealing with upset people. You discuss and role-play a step-by-step routine for calming people down. Within minutes, you grasp the skill and are ready to try it.

You use this new technique with your next difficult patient. The patient calms down and cooperates. Instant results! The skill is yours for life.

In another coaching session, you learn how to deal with excuses. You and the coach go over an article on the types of "reasonable explanations" you hear from patients and staff. You learn a new approach for bypassing these excuses and instilling responsibility.

During the week, you recognize excuses like, "Patients are canceling because it's really hot today" or "I can't pay my co-pay because I'm switching checking accounts."

Instead of agreeing with these explanations, you help people take responsibility. You even get past a few excuses of your own, like "Managed care is wrecking my practice" or "I can't afford good staff."

At each weekly coaching call, you develop or improve another skill. If you have difficulty using a skill, you go back and work it over with your coach until you master it. You constantly improve your performance.

Capital Dental Coaching Fees

Before determining the program fee, you and an the coach meet for a complimentary three-hour Practice Analysis. At the end of the meeting, you and the coach will have a good idea if we can work together. If so, you schedule a second meeting to receive an Capital Dental Coaching program proposal.

The proposal outlines your practice goals, statistics and problems. It lists several objectives to help you resolve your problems, boost your statistics and reach your goals. It outlines all of the services that will be provided in the package and the fee.

The charges a one-time investment for a full year of coaching. The fee is based on the coaching objectives, size of your practice, location of the meetings and amount of coaching your practice will receive.  If the fee needs to broken down, we can arrange for payments.

Most clients recover the fee through additional profits within the first 3-6 months. As we deliver a 12-month program, the average client doubles, if not triples, their investment by the end of the program. Hence, most of our clients continue working with us for additional years to go to the next level and to get help achieving new goals.

Because we focuse on solutions that stay in place, your investment pays off every year for the rest of your career.

An advantage of our one-on-one coaching program is that we can customize your fee to your needs and wants. We can also ensure your return on investment is higher than any other coaching company.

Perhaps a better question to ask is this: “How profitable is an Capital Dental Coaching's program?” For example, if we helps you boost your profit by $150,000 the first year alone, how much is an our program worth to you?

To find out if Capital Dental Coaching is a good fit for you and to discuss our coaching services, you may receive a Free Telephone Consultation. There is no obligation whatsoever and is designed to help you locate your real potential. Click here to get started!

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